Clinical Care Skin Solutions

Aged like Fine Wine (Mature Skin)

We may be wiser and better with age, but sometimes our skin tells a different story. Mature skin is thinner which can result in dry, rough, scaly skin. The surface can start to develop tiny cracks that seem to spread like a spider-web. You may see this on the face, hands, legs and outer-arms.

Does this look familiar?

  • Broken capillaries around the nose and cheeks.
  • Deeper lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead.
  • Loose skin around the chin and eyes.
  • Dry, flaky skin.
  • Brown Spots

Look Fabulous:

  • Using powerful antioxidants such as Restoration C to tighten, brighten and protect from pre-mature aging.
  • Regular exfoliation helps to slough off damaged skin and encourage new, healthy skin.
  • Using Everybody 24/7 helps to exfoliate skin on the body, prevents wrinkles and moisturizes dry, cracked skin. It’s a critical component for anti-aging skin care and staying fabulous.

Look Not Fabulous:

  • Going outdoors without Sunshield SPF 30 Moisturizer. 60%-70% of UV rays will reach you even when it’s cloudy. Protect your skin year round.
  • Skipping makeup primer. Fabu Fill smooths skin, fills in lines and wrinkles and ensures that your foundation looks flawless all day.
  • Skipping the neck and décolleté. This area can show telltale signs of aging including dark spots and sagginess. Be sure to include this region in your daily Home Program.