The Most Important Step in Skincare

I’ll admit there was a point in my life when I dreaded cleansing my skin. Ugh!!! It was so much easier to crawl into bed with a dirty face then to peel myself out of bed and cleanse my skin. Gross, I know. But as I’ve aged I’ve definitely become more aware of self-care. And one of the most important things that you can do for your skin is to cleanse it. I’ll give you five reasons why:

  1. Proper cleansing removes dirt, oil and bacteria that can clog your pores causing blackheads, pimples and all that other nasty stuff. Clogged pores expand and give you the appearance of large pores.
  2. Daily cleansing removes dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface. These cells can make your skin look dull, tired and lackluster.
  3. Cleansing increases cellular turnover which can minimize fine lines, dark spots and surface imperfections. I like to use a gentle washcloth to provide a little extra exfoliation.
  4. Makeup will go on smoother and skincare products will penetrate better and deeper on clean skin.
  5. Nightly cleansing prepares your skin for the ultimate retreat… R&R&R that’s rest, relaxation and renewal. Just as our bodies need time to renew so does our skin. It’s at night when our skin goes into overdrive to repair and heal its self. So be sure to cleanse and be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep.
    Clinical Care Skin Solutions has two cleansers to choose from The Green Stuff is for aging, combination, normal and sensitive skin. CleansZit is ideal for oily, acne prone or if you like a squeaky clean feeling. Sweet dreams zzzzzzzzzzzz
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