Clinical Care Skin Solutions

Drier than the Sahara (Dry Skin)

Your skin feels tight and pore size is small or nearly invisible. You lack oil which makes your skin more sensitive and vulnerable to environmental stress and damage. If this sounds familiar you have dry skin. Our goal for you is to protect your skin and add moisture.

Does this look familiar?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Dry, rough, flaky skin.
  • Dull, uneven appearance.

Look Fabulous:

  • Wear Sunshield SPF 30 Moisturizer in addition to your daily moisturizer to protect skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Make sure your moisturizers and serums are packed with Pharmaceutical Grade active ingredients like anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredient to help calm, repair and moisturize.
  • Use plant based oils such as Silky Serum in addition to your moisturize on drier areas.

Look Not Fabulous:

  • Using harsh soaps or products that include skin irritating ingredients such as alcohol.
  • Using abrasive scrubs. These products can affect your skin’s natural ability to protect and repair itself.