I’m Not Oily, do I Need a Toner?

I’m Not Oily. Do I Need a Toner?
Many people think of toners as something you use to get rid of zits or dry out the skin. Memories of skin burning pads and icy blue tonic often remind us of our preteen years. Toners have come a long way baby, new technology and new ingredients have paved the way to these awesome skin balancers.
So why do you need a toner? Our skin is naturally acidic with a pH balance between five and six. After cleansing the pH balance of our skin is often disturbed. When your pH balance is out of whack this can result in oily skin or even skin sensitivity and inflammation. Using a gentle, alcohol free toner can quickly restore balance to your skin.
Clinical Care Skin Solutions developed Splash Ginseng and Chamomile Toner to protect and calm normal and overly sensitive skin. The combined action of Ginseng’s nourishing vitamins and hormone content with Chamomile extract has been clinically proven to act as an anti-inflammatory with repairing properties. This means less irritation, redness and patchy looking skin. Copper PCA is added as a humectant that helps to bind moisture to the skin and protect. It also helps with skin regeneration= healthy, new skin cells. And did I mention Ginseng helps to fight wrinkles????
There are so many ways to Splash:

  1. Spritz lightly after cleansing morning and night to balance skin.
  2. Use Splash as a makeup setting spray for a flawless finish. Just spritz 8-10 inches away after makeup application and voila…perfection!
  3. Saturate two cotton rounds with Splash and apply on the eyes for a refreshing eye de-puffer.
    And don’t forget- Splash come in a Professional Size. When you buy the Professional Splash you get the matching retail size for free….Cha Ching!
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