Where Should I Buy My Skin Care

Where Should I Buy My Skincare?
A few years back I was consulting with a woman regarding acne. She was in her early 60s and claimed that she had struggled with acne all her life. When I asked her to tell me about her current skincare routine she responded, “I’ve tried EVERYTHING! I’ve even used toothpaste on my zits.”
YouTube, Facebook and other forms of social media have allowed everyone to become a beauty guru. You’ll find promises of brighter skin with lemon juice, tighter skin with egg whites and the overnight slimming body wrap PROMISING to reduce inches overnight. Who’s writing this stuff????
When it comes to your skin PLEASE go to an expert. Trust your skin to someone who is professionally trained in skincare and or cosmetology. These men and women commit to 600-2100 hours of professional training. They are masters in skin anatomy, disorders, and even study chemistry. A professional cosmetologist or aesthetician can analyze your skin, daily habits, health and expectations to create a custom tailored skincare routine just for you. In addition to home care there are numerous in salon/spa treatments that can effectively target lines, wrinkles, acne and overall skin rejuvenation.
There are 1,000 of skincare products out there and a million promises. Don’t get sold into the prettiest marketing campaign, the latest celebrity trend (remember vampire facials????) or the miracle in a bottle on the automated payment plan. Trust your skin to a professional who works with professional skincare products. Many of these salons will offer a money back guarantee and they are not in a pushy sales environment.
If you’re looking for a skincare professional in your area check out our salon locator page at www.clinicalcareskinsolutions.com

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