Tell the Truth

Studies show that 1 in 4 people will lie, exaggerate or leave out important details when visiting the doctor. I’ll admit, when the doctor says how many drinks do you have a week I have to question, “Are we talking about winter time or summer time when I’m lounging by the pool? And does the pineapple in my Pina Colada go towards my daily fruit allowance”???????
Exaggerating, withholding important information and just down right lying can not only burden you with a cloud of guilt, but it can also affect your health check-ups and recommended care. This also applies to your skincare consultations.
In a consultation I will ask a client nearly 20 questions. I want to know do you smoke, exercise, take medication, eat sugar, consume caffeine, medical history, home care, and family history and yes….do you consume alcohol. Relax. I’m not judging and neither is you aesthetician. We do however want to hear the juicy details if you’ve got a great story to back it up (kidding….ok, maybe not  ) We want to know these details because it helps us to create the best skincare routine and personalized action plan to give you the best skin EVER! If you smoke we want to know because we want to educate you on the importance of antioxidants. If you drink A LOT, we want to help you with hydration (and call you when we’re looking for our next girls night out). If you LOVE sugar and can’t seem to kick the habit we may be able to educate you on possible acne triggers. And medication???? There are numerous ways medication can affect your skin and we want you to be armed with information on the how’s and whys.
So next time you want to fib to us and tell us you cleanse your skin EVERY night and exfoliate 2-3xs a week remember- we can tell! We have our secrets.
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