Clinical Care Skin Solutions

Sun Goddess (Sun Damage)

Fortunately we are not worshiping this skin type. This skin often looks dry, spotted and uneven. Years of over exposure to sun have caused sun damaged skin.

Does this look familiar?

  • Dark spots.
  • Dull uneven skin.
  • Fine lines wrinkles.
  • Deep Creases.

Look Fabulous:

  • Using Go Spot Go natural fade gel, TuneUP 20, and Restoration C to lighten and fade spots. It includes natural ingredients that are safe for everyone including women who are pregnant.
  • Be patient and diligent. Those spots are an accumulation of years of sun damage. Fading dark spots can take up to 8-10 weeks.

Look Not Fabulous:

  • Not using your products consistently. Daily use is key to achieving results. Stick with it and your skin will be beautiful in no time.
  • Tanning. 90% of visible and premature aging is caused by the sun, including cancer.